The Utah Tribal Leaders meet six times per year to discuss issues of shared concern for the eight federally-recognized sovereign tribes of Utah. They also work with state agency liaisons on issues and projects. Membership includes the elected leaders of the eight tribes, with a chairman elected by the board.

Confederated Tribes of Goshute

HC 61 Box 6104
195 Tribal Center Road
Ibapah, Utah 84034
Office: 435.234.1138
Fax: 435-234-1162

Amos MurphyChairman

Richard WilliamsVice Chairman

Hope JacksonCouncil Member

Doyle PeteCouncil Member

Mary Pete-FreemanCouncil Member

Phyllis NaranjoTribal Business Council Secretary

Skull Valley Band of Goshute

407 Skull Valley Road
Skull Valley, Utah 84029

Daniel Moon Chairperson

Kyle CraigVice Chairperson

Lillith CourtCouncil Secretary/Treasurer

Navajo Nation

100 Parkway
P.O. Box 7440
Window Rock, AZ 86515
(928) 871-7000

Dr. Buu NygrenNavajo Nation President

Richelle MontoyaNavajo Nation Vice President

Curtis YanitoNavajo National Council Delegate for
Aneth, Mexican Water, Red Mesa, Tolikan, and Teec Nos Pos Chapters

Herman Daniels, Jr.Navajo National Council Delegate for
Navajo Mountain, Olijato, Shonto, and Tsah Bii Kin Chapters

Shaandiin ParrishNavajo National Council Delegate for Chinchilbeto, Dennehotso, and Kayenta Chapters

Wesley JonesAneth Chapter President
P.O. Box 430
Montezuma Creek, UT 84534
Office: 435.651.3525
Fax: 435.651.3560

Larry TuniDennehotso Chapter President
P.O. Box 2301
Dennehotso, AZ 86535
Office: 928.658.3300/3301
Fax: 928.658.3304

Martha SaggboyMexican Water Chapter President
Red Mesa TP #1019, HC 61 Box 38
Teec Nos Pos, AZ 86514
Office: 928.429.0943

Patricia BlackhornNavajo Mountain Chapter President
P.O. Box 10070
Tonalea, AZ 86044
Office: 928.672.2915
Fax: 928.672.2917

Willis BegayOljato Chapter President
P.O. Box 360455
Monument Valley, UT 84536
Office: 435.727.5850
Fax: 435.727.5852

Herman FarleyRed Mesa Chapter President
P.O. Box 422
Montezuma Creek, UT 84534
Office: 928.656.3656
Fax: 928.656.3680

Kenny VictorTeec Nos Pos Chapter President
P.O. Box 106
Highway 160 BIA School Road #N5114
Chapter Government Building
Teec Nos Pos, AZ 86514
Office: 928.656.3662
Fax: 928.656.3661

Clarence RockwellNavajo Utah Commission
Executive Director
P.O. Box 570
Montezuma Creek, UT 84534
Office: 435.651.3508
Fax: 435.651.3511

Stephanie HollyNavajo Utah Commission
Administrative Assistant
P.O. Box 570
Montezuma Creek, UT 84534
Office: 435.651.3508
Fax: 435.651.3511

Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah

440 N. Paiute Drive
Cedar City, UT 84720
Office: 435.586.1112
Fax: 435.867.2659 or 435.586.7388

Corrina BowTribal Chairperson


Tamra Borchardt-SlaytonTribal Vice Chairperson


Shane ParashontsTribal Administrator


Carol GarciaTribal Secretary


Tamra Borchardt-SlaytonIndian Peaks Band Chairperson

P.O. Box 2062
Cedar City, Utah 84721
Office: 435.586.1112


Delice Tom
Cedar Band Chairperson

600 North 100 East
P.O. Box 235
Cedar City, Utah 84720

Office: 435.590.4760
Fax: 435.586.5915

Hope SilvasShivwits Band Chairperson

6060 West 3650 North
Ivins, UT 84738
Phone: 435.668-5169

Darlene ArrumKanosh Band Chairperson

P.O. Box 116
Kanosh, Utah 84637
Phone: 435.590.9239
Fax: 435.585.0896

Toni KanoshKoosharem Band Chairperson

P.O. Box 205
Richfield, Utah 84701
Office: 435.319.5508


Northwestern Band of Shoshone Nation

Ogden Tribal Office
2575 Commerce Way
Ogden, UT 84401
Office: 435.734-2286
Fax: 435.734.0424

Pocatello Office
505 Pershing Ave., Suite 200
Pocatello, ID 83201
Office: 208.478.5712
Fax: 208-478-5713

Dennis AlexChairman

Bradley ParryVice Chairman

Kasey HubbardCouncil Treasurer

Alicia MartinezCouncil Secretary

Cale WorleyCouncilman

Jason WalkerCouncilman

Shane WarnerCouncilman

San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe

P.O. Box 2950
Tuba City, AZ 86045
Office: 928.212.9794
Fax: 928.233.8948

Johnny Lehi, Jr.President

Candelora LehiVice President

Natalie EdgewaterAt-Large Council

Richard GraymountainNorthern Area Council


Louise TallmanNorthern Area Council

Danlyn JamesSouthern Area Council

Chenoa BurbankSouthern Area Council

Keenan BarlowTribal Secretary

Ute Indian Tribe - Uintah and Ouray Reservation

P.O. Box 190
Fort Duchesne, UT 84026
Office: 435.722.5141
Fax: 435.722.2374

Julius MurrayChairperson

Christopher TabbeeVice Chairperson

Luke Duncan Councilman - Tribal Business Committee

Emmett DuncanCouncilman - Tribal Business Committee

Cleveland MurrayCouncilman - Tribal Business Committee

Mike NatcheesCouncilman - Tribal Business Committee

Reannin TapoofExecutive Secretary

Ute Mountain Ute Tribe

P.O. Box JJ
Towaoc, CO  81334
Office: 970.564.5600
Fax: 970.564.5709

Manuel HeartTribal Chairman

Alston TurtleTribal Vice Chairperson

Evelyn LopezExecutive Secretary


Gwen CantseeWhite Mesa Tribal Council Administration Division Director
P.O. Box 7096
White Mesa, Utah 84511
Office: 435.678.3397 or 435.678.3621

Malcolm LehiWhite Mesa Council Representative
P.O. Box 434
White Mesa, Utah 84511
Office: 435.678.3397 or 435.678.3685
Fax: 435.678.3735