STRENGTH and progress in utah's american indian tribes


our mission Is To Promote Positive Intergovernmental Relations Between The State Of Utah And Utah’s American Indian Tribes.

The Utah Division of Indian Affairs is a living testament to our state's rich history and cultural heritage. Established in 1953 as the Commission on State Indian Affairs and later restructured as the Division of Indian Affairs in 1999, we proudly serve as the authority for Indian Affairs in Utah under the mandate of the "Indian Affairs Act." Our mission spans far and wide, from fostering positive intergovernmental relations among Utah Indian Tribes, state, and federal entities, to collaborating with the Governor's office on policies that uplift our communities. We vigilantly monitor and advocate for Indian legislation, ensuring the rights and interests of Utah Indian Tribes. Embracing innovation, we develop programs and services to empower Indian citizens and forge a path towards a more inclusive and prosperous future for the state of Utah. Join us on this dynamic journey of cultural celebration and progress!