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Step into the heart of Utah's cultural journey with the Utah Division of Indian Affairs. As the proud stewards of the state's indigenous heritage, we are committed to honoring traditions while fostering positive intergovernmental relations. Empowered by a mandate derived from the "Indian Affairs Act," we work tirelessly to ensure Native American citizens have a voice in shaping Utah's progress. Discover how our collaborative efforts and inclusive programs create a brighter, more united future for all.

Celebrating A Legacy of Empowerment

The Commission on State Indian Affairs emerged in 1953 as a profound testament to cultural recognition. With the passage of the "Indian Affairs Act" by the Utah State Legislature, the Commission took its first steps towards honoring and empowering Native American communities. In 1956, the appointment of the inaugural director marked a milestone in this transformative journey. In 1999, a metamorphosis occurred as the Commission evolved into the Utah Division of Indian Affairs, further solidifying its commitment to preserving heritage and promoting progress. Today, the Division stands tall, comprising a dedicated team, all united in their pursuit of fostering harmonious intergovernmental relationships and enhancing the lives of Native American citizens.

The Power of Mandate

Underpinned by Utah Code Annotated, Chapter 9, Parts 1, 2, & 3 of the "Indian Affairs Act," the Division of Indian Affairs derives its strength from its well-defined functions, rights, powers, and responsibilities. Endowed with a vital role as the Indian Affairs authority for the state, the Division carries the weight of fostering positive intergovernmental relations between Utah Indian Tribes, federal and state agencies, and local entities. Acting as a dynamic liaison, the Division spearheads collaborative efforts, fostering constructive dialogue to address Indian Affairs' challenges and craft meaningful policies. This spirit of cooperation extends to the Native American Legislative Liaison Committee, where collective efforts culminate in the development of impactful Indian legislation and solutions.

Forging A Path To Progress

We are steadfastly dedicated to nurturing the diverse aspirations of Native American communities. Embracing the responsibility of monitoring Utah and Federal Indian legislation, the Division vigilantly safeguards the interests of Utah’s Indian Tribes and the state at large. Our unwavering commitment is evident in the comprehensive programs and services we design and implement, offering Native citizens opportunities to share in Utah's progress. From delicate matters like determining the disposition of human remains found on state or school trust lands, to proactively collaborating with the Governor's office, the Division's vision resonates with empowerment, unity, and an unwavering resolve to shape a brighter, inclusive future for all.

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