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Annual Report Available

The annual report for the Division of Indian Affairs, submitted to the Utah Legislature every year, is now available for the public.

The annual report covers fiscal year 2018, which ended June 30, 2018. It includes the following sections, all of which can be downloaded as PDFs:

Division highlights: From the annual Native American Summit to educational events with tribal youth, the division participates in events throughout the state. They also have worked to improve the process for tribes wanting to claim and rebury ancient human remains and the consultation process required by an executive order from Gov. Gary Herbrt. Download the PDF (3.8 mb).

Tribal issues: As tribal leaders meet with Gov. Herbert and other state officials, they raise a number of issues. These charts summarize the issues raised by each tribe and the status or state response. This summary of issues is available in the annual report or as a standalone PDF document (242 kb).

2018 Consultation reports: This document collects all of the annual reports filed by state agencies about their consultation activities with Utah tribes. The document is large (26 mb, 110 pages) but provides a good overview of all of the consultations. If you would like a specific agency report as a standalone PDF, please contact the division.

Consultation policies: All of the state agencies that consult with tribes have developed formal consultation policies. These have been collected into one document. Download the policies (10 mb).